become the Go-To Expert in your field


But does the world really SEE you as who you are?

To truly become the go-to expert in your field, you have to announce your presence. You DESERVE to step up and take your rightful place.

To fulfill your destiny in business and life – you should ACCEPT NOTHING LESS.

This Three-Month Programme Is About Expansion!

When you expand your view of the world and your place in it, your unique talents are free to come alive.


When the world sees you as a STAR – there are no limits. That’s the StarMaker difference.

  • As the star in your field, clients seek you out – instead of the other way around.
  • Clients expect – and even desire – that STARS charge more for their top notch services.
  • Visibility at the highest level brings even more opportunities to spread your message.

Learn to let go of fear and stop waiting for permission!

It’s time to be honest about something no one really talks about.

I grew up in the United Kingdom, and in Britain and the UK, there’s a certain hierarchy that makes us fearful of stepping up to who we are. Many of us were taught to fear criticism. The traditional British value of reserve can make us really uncomfortable with the idea of standing out and being ambitious, even if we aren’t aware of it.

I completely understand this fear and hesitation. But my unique personal story allowed me to recognize and reject those ideas. My father and mother taught me NOT to put others on a pedestal, and to question authority. I made it my destiny to become Britain’s top coach – and I earned the title ‘The Queen Bee of British Life Coaching’. I didn’t stop there. I became a best selling author with the loyal following that attracted you here – and I love what I do.

Why couldn’t I? Why shouldn’t I? Why shouldn’t YOU?

This programme is the highly personal result of twenty years of stamping my foot and standing my ground as who I am and who I could become.

I’ve been running this programme quietly and privately, with great results.

My StarMakers have:

QUADRUPLED their fees.
Secured media attention.
Clients clamoring to work with them (with no need to chase leads or sales anymore).

Accept nothing less than the challenge to be somebody – The Go-To Expert in your field who makes a difference in the world.

Two days in and people are telling me I look so different. Everyday on this programme feels like my birthday!

Kate Stanley


I raised my fees 3xfold in 6 weeks. My confidence has changed so much and I see the value of what I do and so do others.

Helen Clarke

Business Services

In this 3 month group programme, I will show you EXACTLY what you need to do to achieve star status – because it’s everything I’ve done myself.

Equal parts of support and challenge, in just three months you’ll find your rightful place on the world stage.

Your ambition. Your future. Your destiny.

Claim your go-to expert status. Connect your status with the story of YOU.
Discover your calling. Find meaning and build a movement that’s grand and noble.
Learn to speak out and connect with an audience.
Act like a star in every aspect of your life. A star has higher standards – and never deviates from them.
Ask for what you want. Take the right actions with the right attitude for maximum results.
The show must go on.


What my clients are saying about Starmaker!

Wynne Tranter | Coach

Maureen Sharphouse | Coach

Here’s what you’ll receive…

Training Modules

Detailed modules that address every aspect of your success as you become THE go-to expert in your field.

Online Training Area

Unlimited access to our online Training Area where you’ll find all the essentials you need.

1-2-1 30 mins Strategy Call with Fiona

Use your conversation with Fiona to help you:

  • Get clarity about your business and life path
  • Uncover what's getting in the way and what to do about it
  • Gain some extra confidence and belief about what you can achieve
  • Receive practical advice from someone who knows what it takes to be a success
  • Find some first easy steps to get you and your business moving the way it should be

Do you feel change welling up?

There are clear signs that you are at the end of the road with one way of living.

The first is burnout – when you’ve been working too many hours with little result.

Don’t believe that this is what life is supposed to be like! If you pay attention to the intimidation and internal nonsense, what you’re really doing is censoring yourself.

If you don’t listen to that inner voice calling for change…it soon becomes a scream. And if you still don’t listen – it hits you over the head. Believe me, I know!

When you don’t take your rightful place on the world stage, you’re not simply giving up your power. You’re actually giving your power to someone else.

This programme isn’t cheap – but it IS a great value.
It’s the most honest and transparent programme I’ve ever created because it pulls directly out of my own twenty-year journey to becoming a star in my field.
Your investment isn’t just an investment in a programme.

This is about YOU.

This is about a serious commitment to standing up as who you are and the star you will become.

Here’s A Sneak Peek of What’s Inside My Starmaker Programme…

Set your sights on something great to work towards. You’ll identify your secret dreams and desires – and learn how you can make them happen. Most people will be too timid – but not you!

Create your sense of credibility so you are convinced of your right to be a Star. We’ll look at the story of YOU and ensure you are conveying your uniqueness, relevance and value to your ideal clients.

Discover the ingredient that gives you the X Factor, the thing that makes you charismatic and captivating to your audience and builds you followers and a devoted fan base of people who spread the word about you.

Convey your uniqueness to your audience, so they feel drawn to YOU out of all other options. You’ll have a clear message that connects to the people you want to reach.

Get a clear, one line marketing message that instantly says what you do. You’ll start to create specific solutions to your audience’s specific problems. People rarely do this well.

Learn how to live with chutzpah and take audacious actions that can give you ‘overnight success’! People rarely think to do this or feel bold enough to do it.

Learn the type of actions that can give you ‘overnight success.’ Most people never dare or even think to take these ‘audacious actions’ but you will!

Get ahead of the crowd by doing more. You’ll discover exactly what you need to do to get the result you want, and how to put your strategy into action. Remember: What separates the talented from the successful is hard work.

You will learn how your view of the world is personal to you and how to change your paradigm to match the future you’re now consciously creating. Most people are oblivious of this ‘bubble’ they live within.

Discover how to create a breakthrough and why people don’t. Remember, success is not something that drops in your lap. It’s something you go out and get. That’s going to be YOU!

You’ll learn how to create a media profile so you stand out through the Press and have clients chase you!

Discover how to create great content that will grow your list and keep your subscribers coming back for more. We’ll show you how to speak to their needs, identify their concerns – and solve them. You’ll learn the ways to package content that will have people signing up to read it – no hard sell required!


Fiona’s gift of envisioning your expansion is extra ordinary. In minutes, she uncovered an enormous limiting belief that I had for 47 years, which had impacted negatively on my business and my life. I feel transformed, on track and moving towards my life in a totally new way.

Yvonne Halling


The programme has totally changed the way I think about everything in my business and after speaking with Fiona on the live call, I doubled my fee and got it! I feel amazing!

Ruth Langley

Salon Owner

Last week I picked up so much work that I will be working flat out in March and I’ve beaten my desired monthly income by 25%. Coming on this programme and believing in myself again, has created the momentum for me to experience an extraordinary 2015 – and it’s still only February! Thanks for creating the magic!

Felicity Lerouge


My confidence had left me for nearly 5 years and in just a few weeks in StarMaker, it has come back. I feel a great weight has lifted and I can see a clear path ahead. I believe in myself once again. My life is driven by faith not fear anymore. One of the best things about the programme is having a supportive community with whom you can be totally true and honest. That is just so so so helpful.

Lynne Cadenhead


The biggest thing I’ve learned is that there’s no going back. You can only go forward.

Just over a year ago, at the point of burnout, a change welled up in me and I moved to Ibiza to begin my own remarkable expansion. The hills surrounding me, daily yoga, and a nourishing and delicious dietary shift all combined to give me the ability to reflect on how I got where I am.

The world is waiting for you. So what are you waiting for?

Find out what the world looks like from the viewpoint of a star.

No limits. No waiting. No excuses.